The Letter “L”

Why the letter “L” is difficult to pronounce for Korean native speakers

Making the sounds used in English is, sometimes, difficult for Koreans.  Here’s why.

When speaking Korean, your tongue NEVER leaves your mouth, and your teeth NEVER touches your lips.  You probably have never noticed this simple fact.

Read these simple words:  ball, fall, call, tall

The reason that Korean native speakers don’t pronounce these correctly is because when pronouncing the letter “L” in English, your tongue must come OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND YOUR TEETH.  You should really be able to grab your tongue at the end of each of the words above.  Then you will know that your tongue is the right position when pronouncing the letter “L.”

ㄹis the way that the letter “L” is translated.  However, when you make the sound of “ㄹ” in Korean, your tongue DOESN’T LEAVE YOUR MOUTH.

Practice these four words:  ball, fall, call, tall.

You are on your way to better pronunciation.


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